Monday, May 4, 2009

beautifully imperfect.


when my father was still alive,he insisted that mak cook for him every single day.he's a very choosy person who didn't eat outside and didn't fancy take-aways.when the clock strikes 6,she would start preparing dinner and that's what she's been doing for 41 years.sometimes mak membebel to us saying how she would like time-off from cooking once in a while.

but on the evening of the funeral day,when i called her at home she was crying while telling me she should be cooking at that time as my dad would come back from work and they would eat together.

how many of us are strong enough to swallow those imperfections in the name of love?


aiza said...

waslm jim..

the video you posted is soo touching! i cant help but cried. i wish i'll have my own "david".
i doakan ur mom + family tabah ngan pemergian ur late father. sesungguhnya yg lahir di dunia akan kembali padaNya.

A'a said...

sepanjg aku stay kat rmh hg selama seminggu..(each time).., betul..time dinner, mesti mkn kat rmh ko..while listen to ur father's hope about u..i miss that moment too G-mah..ur family gives me the inspiration..
and i know how's ur feeling when the usually routine not follow as usual it does.
Be strong G-mah..

rAihAnA said...

im not strong either.. :(