Thursday, May 14, 2009

looking sideways.

picture courtesy of jay baharin and hadi ahmad


today,i took a step forward towards m.d.first module done.doing GP(general practice)was something's superficial in most ways according to my friend and i couldn't agree more.regarding exams,the MCQ(multiple choice Questions) or shall i say true or false questions(tak la multiple in choices pun) was ok.+1 for correct answer,-1 for incorrect one and 0 for the unanswered.u read,u presentation was so-so.however,osce(objective structured clinical examination) was a disaster!i could've done better in performing bad.sobs.anyway,it's all been done.lepas nie kena tawakal tgu result is obstetric and gynaecology.i hope the journey will be smooth sailing all along.ameen.

today is a MOBILE PHONE day!2 mobiles in a day is a lot to dealt with.but at least we have something to talk and laugh about during lunch.hehe.ask my GP colleagues for more info.=D

today,finally after 3 days of dissappearing,i received another email from the open sea.yes,i waited patiently for the email for few days's worrying when someone has been sending u emails religiously and suddenly everything came to a halt without any warning.called me paranoid but i just couldn't afford to lose anything right now.especially when u start taking ur relationship seriously.ehem.

today,i encountered 'yusof' on a few occasions and i think i loved it.

today,i've been doing some serious's more of self-reflection to be ambitions are all sky high.dreams even higher they are far from reach.despite those, i always told myself not to give up on chasing them,in facts they are all possible to happen but of course with one obvious condition,WORK HARD!just work's not even rocket science.just work hard.but it is difficult to keep this positive attitude at it's optimum level all the time as no matter how hard i tried,the work is getting harder and harder sometimes i have to stop running and panting for breaths before continue the chase.or is it just a nature of life everyone goes through?owh yeah,IT IS ACTUALLY.see i told ya,it is a serious thinking.

and finally,today i just realized i have the most boring entry in this whole blogosphere.

before signing off,good perfume always wins me at hello=)


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