Saturday, May 2, 2009

long lasting hope.


tried to call mak but to no avail.i guess she's attending another wedding reception.owh yes,it's my cousin's today.minah,if you're reading this,I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN MARRIED's gonna be a bit tough at first but i'm sure u guys will pull through.hehe.dah kawen pun hang naa.ish how time flies and u're a wifey now.congratulations babe!

movie buffs alert:calling all X-men fans,please make time by dumping all ur busyness in the bin and go watch X-men origins,wolverine at your nearest cinema.and please dun buy pirated's worth watching on the big screen.cyclop serious kacak dr zaman remaja haha and gambit mmg cool lah.

incik ichigo's happee-yippee time is up.he's gonna sign on another misc fleet tomorrow.i somehow knew the happiness is gonna be shortlasted.however,there's another hope/dream waiting to be realised soon.yang penting sabar.hope the sea will take a good care of you and co-operate more in terms of less rolling and more maxis/celcom coverage please!and after his normal 7months onboard we both are having time off from work and studies(not fully hols for me but whateve,saya nk bercuti jugak) at the same time.finally.pertama kali dalam sejarah nie.hikhikhik.he hates it when i full-heartedly believe that this gonna be real this time and start making plans because seeing how devastated i was before due to change of schedule by his company has broken his heart to whenever i lay out the plans for future,dia akan tukaq topic lain.sounds cruel but i know it's for my own good.he's a realistic,i'm on the other hand a full time daydreamer.haha.

and last but not least,another exam approaching soon.owh it's less than 2 weeks.mamps! to ya soon.happee weekend folks!

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