Saturday, April 25, 2009

happiness within.


i have never thought this would happen now.

hurm...kerja tuhan,tak siapa tahu.

mum sounds happy,so does kakak.alhamdulillah.

incik ichigo?haaa...nie the hardest part.eventhough dah kawan 5 tahun,susah nk teka makhluk sorang nie.but i bet he must be the happiest person!kan?=)

and me?one of the happiest day in my life!

thank you mak and kakak for your understanding.

and for you,u always surprised me by how far u would go to make me happy.

kamu letak pelangi di langit saya.



aiNi said...

hepi for the both of u =)

jeem said...

thanx aini=)