Sunday, April 5, 2009

a nameless passerby


it's a hectic week.exam was over.just came back from road trip with beloved friends.itu nanti cerita.

cirque de soleil's awesome.i wonder how long they've been practising all the stunts and acrobatic acts they performed just now.i think i was equally excited with the kids who were sitting in front of me.worth the money i paid,absolutely.

on different notes,the house is started to show signs of aging.water was pouring down from the roof while the shower just refused to work.maybe it's time to go back to basic such as mandi dlm baldi and nyalakan balik the antique fireplaces in the house.lomantik sket dak?hehe.

and i miss ichigo =(

dah esok-esok sambung pulak.

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A'a said...

G-mah..nnti bg IM kat aku number phone rumah hg..dh nk confirmkan takut slh..hehe..TQ