Tuesday, April 7, 2009

does your friend.....

:rent cars,book a nice cottage house and plan everything in the middle of exams so u just pack your things and hop in the car for another road trip?

:still talk to you eventhough u slept like a baby with your head kept on nodding up to 90 degrees(i hope i wasn't snoring tho) all the way through the journey?

:still take your pictures even when u kept on pestering them to do so eventhough u'r fat u look like a pregnant lady in the pictures?

:lend her knees when ur neck get stiffed from watching telly sideways so that u can continue watching with ease?

:let u play guitar heroes more than once although u sucked at it?

:still teach you patiently how to solve rubik's cube although your IQ's like 5 y.o kid and it's already 12am?

:sing a song to you when u were bored by the long journey just to make u laugh(i'm touched btw regardless whatever intentions u guys have when singing that song for me=))

:let u play-play with their guitars,pretend that the guitar is yours and even jump with the guitar?

:baked bread pudding twice in a day just because u love it so much?

:drive you through 3 counties in a day?(tipperary,galway and offaly)

:and lastly,does your friend still invite u for another road trip despite all the disagreements,fights and issues that arised last time?

my friends made tipperary more than a beautiful place to visit.they made the tiny cottage house bigger with laughters and jokes.they made the cattles sing songs with their harmonious voices.they made the meadows more colourful with their fun and jovial characters.and with their sincere hearts,they have made tipperary alive!

pic by hadi ahmad

for superb pictures,check-out my facebook;)felt like violating copyrights if i take their super lawa pics again and put them here.


aiNi said...

omg..this is so true jeem!! we are very lucky to have our own wonderful family of frens kt dublin ni kan? huhu...omg omg omg...i sgt suke entry blog u kalini...best ah road trip,nk pegi lg....=D

ohcalamity said...

adeh. sweet gle entry ni jim. sebak i bc. its true kn. friends are everything!

hehe hopefully more roadtrips to come!


jeem said...

aini and fatin,
yes,without u ol kat cni,mmg i dh gone mental lama dah.hehe.
love u ol=) btw fatin,i try link ur blog to mine,tp xleh.nti i try lae.