Monday, April 20, 2009

.let's start all over again.


today is monday.i should have gone to classes,clinics or hosp,anything medically related.but here i am,at home,posting another entry for you readers.hehe.if you noticed,i've been writing few entries that are hard to understand.huhu.tgah emo ataupun tidak sesuai untuk diberitahu secara direct mungkin?so let me be straight forward from now on.

anyway,my seniors the final meds are at the battlefields at the moment strunggling the final exams.eventhough final exam is a year away for me,i can feel the fear,the feeling of not doing enough studies and worst,dreading the possibility of staying longer to repeat/resit.the thinking part already gives me goosebumps,what more doing it prayers always be with u all.furthermore,they look confidence ja nk amek exam.hehe.

when they finish everything by this week,we the res year will automatically be upgraded or promoted to the most senior batch in ucd med school!how's that sound ladies and gentleman?don't talk about bully here.we don't even have time to think about it!what i want to highlight is this september will mark the 6th year me being a resident in this lovely also indicates the 6th year me celebrating eid here,again.this is the hard part,btw.since i have less than a year(minus the hols) i was thinking of going back the memory lanes from the 1st time i stepped my foot here till i finish my studies insyaAllah.of course it's not possible to put everything in one entry at the end of my final year so i might as well start from now.just as a back-up memory device if i miss my student life and when i miss dublin one day..hehe.

so,how does everything start?how did i end up here,of all countries?well,it's all started when i was in mrsm to begin mrsm,we had mock interviews just to train the students to be confident and used to the real interviews when we finish when i was called in,there were 2 interviewers,one was my chemistry teacher and the other one was an accountancy teacher whose not related to me at after the intro part,i was asked what i want to do after spm.i proudly said medicine.where?erm,ireland.why?because ireland is one of the famous country where malaysian students go and read medicine.honest and spontaneous's so happened i just had a peek on an article about doing medicine in irelandi have no idea where ireland is,no idea how's the weather like and lacking info on the requirements that i have to meet to study in it was all easy she moved on to the next Q:if u don't get to study abroad,where's ur next choice?IMU!pergh..gila berlagak tak consider lansung local uni under goverment nih.but that was me yearssss ago,the shallow-minded me.

and you know what?after that day,i totally forgot what i've said about doing medicine in ireland bla..bla..bla..see,when u talk something spontaneously,u hardly remember it because it didn't come from the heart.until one fine day,when i paid a visit to mrsm a month before i came here(which is nearly 2 years after the mock interview) and i met my chemistry teacher again.she asked,so where are you going next?ireland!so u got what u want huh?how do you know?i was surprised.u told me during mock interview last time.remember?ahhhhh yes!i did tell you.i seriously forgot till she reminded me again that day.

mak ada berpesan....setiap ucapan dari mulut kita biarlah yang baik-baik sahaja dan jangan malu untuk dream big.mana tahu ucapan itu adalah doa dan DIA yang menentukan rezeki setiap hambaNya.


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