Thursday, July 29, 2010



everyone at home has caught a fair share of different kind of illness at the moment.and yet i'm leaving to k.l again tomorrow which i don't think is a good idea at all.anyhow,the matters that'll take me there are reasonably wrong to i booked the tics.and aloha k.l!i'll be leaving tomorrow and come back on sunday(hopefully)!i really miss home!(although i'm home).and talking about going to k.l during this mega-sale period,i've already started dreaming of doing a bit of retail theraphy while i'm there.the problem is,i just did a massive shopping of few good pieces of tops and accessories  in penang which burnt a huge hole in my sis's pocket(which i(or WE) dare not telling my mum about)!haha(evil laugh).so i better be good.furthermore puasa is just around the corner and i guess some saving up would definately benefit me comes raya!

offnote,an email form the sea really cheer me up and elevates my mood  now that a euphoric i am.


fAraHnaDiaH said...

Enjoy KL hun! Amboih shopping sakan. Me too! Terkejut tgk gaji sendiri :p

jeem said...

eh best gile dh dpt i envy you!hehe.go splurge them.u deserved it!