Tuesday, July 20, 2010



i started missing things that beyond reach.

i miss dublin.i miss my student life.i misss friends that i used to hang out with,go road-tripping with,sama-sama nervous nk masuk bilik OSCE before exam.it's all(the memories) coming back to me now.i think that my status now as a penganggur just making things worse.i like being at home.slept till mid-day,killing time by reading things beside medicine and going places for the purpose of holiday semata-mata.who would resist all those things?tp it just isn't me.ntah..rasa hidup kosong.juga menyusahkan keluarga for not being able to contribute much.saya mungkin harus bersabar sedikit lagi.now is already syaaban,then comes ramadhan.lepas raya im all yours....kementerian kesihatan malaysia(owh pedihnya fact nie.huhu)

on a brighter note,the offshore period for mr fiance is nearly up.if the agent manage to find his reliever i might get to see him again next mon/tues.from the bottom of my heart,i really hope this will happen.kalau awak kata awak penat,saya penat juga.menunggu.sila pulang cepat.i just wanna be me in front of you for the first time.i really miss you.


Myra said...


jeem, u reaaaaally need a major project to do to keep your mind off :)

have fun jumpa mr fiance~ ;)

and tak seorang in thinking about dublin :)

Naima is IMMA said...

hohohoh... rindukan aku jugak jeem....

fAraHnaDiaH said...

gmah!!! Tak sempat jumpa pn before you left Ireland for good. :(
Kerja lepas raya eh? Enjoy every second of your freedom, before you're left with none! JK :p

Miss u so much dear.

jeem said...

myra:i think i might need whatever major project to just keep my mind off sumwhere.furthermore,that dream of seeing mr fiance this week has gone down the drain :( .tetiba rasa mahu cepat bekerja.haha.

imma:of course kamu juga dirindui.apa cer bukit tinggi?

farah:what a timing right?...i was busy as a bee travelling and sorting out my stuffs before leaving ireland for good.i planned utk kerja lepas raya.i hope to see u back here whenever u'r on hols!have fun treating patients okie! :)

p/s:i miss you too!loads!