Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dont dare to read this.


i could never feel as irritated as i am right now.everything that i planned has gone down the drain.the fact that some people didn't do their work as best as they promised makes me angrier!hey miss/mrs.....can you just imagine if your significant other was in the shoes?i bet u'll cry your lungs out if you were me!i hope you do!

urgh.as much as i hoped i was calmer,the irritation was unberable!it was like when u woke up from a sleep and having a bad dream and yet the bad dream is one hell of  a reality that i have to force myself facing it!

take a deep breath in,and out......*sigh*

yes,they decided to keep mr fiance for another 12 f**king days!itu klau dia tak lupa nk cari reliever lah kan?!

goodbye cuti-cuti malaysia.i guess i sambut syir dengan berpuasa bersama-sama sahaje.what a nobel way of celebrating homecoming :()

i really wanted to curse the day u were born but if i do,we are two same heartless people.so i decided to let you off the hook.but forgiveness is nowhere near  forgetting,just so u know.

p/s:mind the language.the words just slipped thru when i'm typing away.

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