Thursday, November 12, 2009



owh senangnya dalam hati.essay ku sudah siap.*let's sing together girls*hehe

hari ini so many things usual,there are good and bad things.for the good ones,i could never thank God enough for those.and for the bad ones,there's lotz to learn from them.sometimes we feel happy for no reason.and the same thing goes to sadness.(*owh apalah yang i merepek ni kan*hehe).

having learn psychiatry at the moment, even unstable emotion has its if you're feeling low(in terms of mood),no energy,lost appetite,losing weight and slowly losing interest in what u've been enjoying before(such as hobbies;ps3,wii,watching tv,golf,fishing,sex?yes,sex!),cannot sleep(tetiba jd early riser or u spend hours golek-golek atas katil) please seek help.this is not about stress's DEPRESSION!(owh don't be scared by the capital letters word which i shouldn't caps lock in the first place=P).this is just a phase of mental illness that shouldn't be creeping on you for the rest of your life.go seek help.pi clinic.forget the stigma ttg penyakit gila whatthe crap.this is about you,love yourself!go tell the doctor what u feel,since when this thing happen and the difficulties u'r facing in your daily life.iA,the doctor will tell you what to do.always remember that depression is just a phase of life that has its's not a life-long condition(it will be if u ignore treatment).so friends and foes,i know there are lotz of people who are having depression out there.please..please..come forward.tell your friend.tell your spouse.tell your's not your fault to be depressed.

dun let depression eat you slowly inside.

and say NO to commit suicide(GOD forbid!)

done with kerja kebajikan.u know when u learn something and u don't spread it around,it becomes a now i can give a *b......i.....g* sigh=)

next paragraph is mushi-mushi if u nk termuntah baca sila angkat kaki(i mean it).

~haritu incik ichigo kata dia ermmm........rindu i.
~i balas i rindu nak gaduh-gaduh manja la kan ngan dia.(gosh i lupa la the last time we gaduh.lama gila lah and the funny thing is lepas berdamai mst rsa 100x lae syg.haha)
~yesterday we fought and today we made peace.
~owh sangat tidak cool and hati berdarah gaduh nie rupanya.(see,dh lama smp lupa rsa dia)
~and next time klau dia ckp the same thing,i nk jwb mee too more jwpn merepek luar sedar.
~moral of the story:be careful for what u'r wishing for.

cerita tamat.

owh i lupa cerita baru di penang.
kat penang dah ada hard rock cafe+hotel.
lambatnya i baru tau.
kat ipoh ada ke? *senyum jahat* (=

offnote:tak sabar nak tgu 16hb.i think i wanna buy myself a bunch or roses,to celebrate.heeee....

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