Sunday, November 15, 2009

beauty attracts beauty.


i picked the title above from the book i'm reading now,eat pray love by elizabeth gilbert.i don't know why but i just couldn't agree more with that's not about me perasan's not about the the girl next door who just got hitched to a tall,dark and handsome's about all of's about our inner self that influence the choice of our least that's what i believed in.if i want someone yang baik,i have to be one.if i nak yang slim dan steady maybe i kena work out from now at least sebelum i start kerja sbb nt bz ya amat and lepas tu maybe i dah nak kawen sesangat=D(i'm only joking here!)haha.

so to incik ichigo,please forever be the way you are because never in my dreams i could be your beauty like i am now,in reality.

a handful + one.and still counting.


Bon Anniversaire mon chéri~



offnote:rindu nak sambung balik french class.

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