Saturday, November 14, 2009

the balloons,i love.


hye people.mind the frequent entries for the last couple of days.i think i'm having manic attack of blogging.ha.ha.(now jeem is using all the psychiatric jargon that she could think of just to make u guys puzzle?!bad jeem.bad jeem)

manic attack ni klau dalam bahasa sakit mentalnya adalah apabila seseorang tu hyper/terlalu bersemangat yang keterlaluan.sbg contoh:dia akn buat segala kerja dlm satu hari tanpa perlu tidur,bercakap tanpa henti dan bercerita tentang keupayaan luarbiasa beliau seperti boleh membina kapal terbang atau pun ayat yang paling senang adalah seperti beliau berada di puncak dunia(i'm on top of the world!semuanya boleh!)selalunya keadaan ini akn berselang seli dengan episod kemurungan atau hypomania(bersemangat tinggi tetapi tidak seteruk manic)

ok back to today's topic.yesterday i got a chance to watch happy.i'd been wanting to watch this movie for ages.i still remember i was all excited in malaysia during summer for the movie premier.ended up the first day of its release was a day before puasa.i kept pestering my sister to go and watch with me but suddenly my mum wanted to tag along and of course that night tak boleh since she would be in the i have to cancel the plan to respect the holy month of ramdhan.well,no regret because i watched already and as expected,any movie from disney-pixar is brilliant as always!=)i think ellie and mr fredricksen is a shw-eeeet couple.and to grow old together with our loved ones is everyone's dream.when i was a kiddo,i always dreamt of my house attached to thousands of colorful balloons and just floating away exactly like in the seriously.usually cartoons are for kids(duh,mmgla kan)tp this one i think suits adults better as it contained moral values that is lacking in most movies nowadays.

another movie that i managed to watch in between weeks of psychiatry was AN EDUCATION.this movie is simple.based on novel by nick hornby(i've read one of his,but half way.maybe i was quite young at that time)it tells a story of this brilliant and talented secondary school girl who's dreaming of attending oxford to read english(language).her father is potrayed as a strict but caring father figure who wants the best for his daughter.she's doing well at school and well-liked by her peers.but the sun doesn't always shine.she was lured into another life by this one playboy who showered her with luxuries and love.this is when the importance of education and the power of love and keseronokan dan kekayaan sementara all mixed know what happen to this girl?kena la tgok.i love the setting of the movie,the accent they speak and 50-60's era=) but on top of that,this movie gave me insights on how VERY IMPORTANT education is and now i knew why my late father was veryyyyy strict when it comes to studies!this movie is indeed an eye-opener not only to teenagers but to all women generally.

offnote:aura membuat essay terbawak-bawak ke blog,hence the lengthy one this time.


w|cKa` said...

saya juga dah tgk cita up dengan hubby.. betapa sayangnya dia kat bini dia..

tingin gak nak tgk an education tu tp ipoh ni xbyk cita la.. huhu

jeem said...

betul!smp sanggup naik belon lah.hehe.nak jugak hubby camtu bleh?
k.izan dah dpt:p