Friday, April 16, 2010



my name is azimah.
i'm a final year medical student.
thank you for helping us in the exam.
as you know,this is part of my exam and this exam is the most important exam in my life as it's going to determine my future career.
i hope u will help me as best as u can and give your full cooperation  in the exam.

i can start memorising these lines from now on.
a friend of mine once said,"the last push always the hardest!".i couldn't agree more.

10 days to go.

wish me luck people!


aini said...

heee..jeem,u miss part "....& i am terrified!!....." haha..i pn berusaha nk hafal ni.silap haribulan terpresent kat consultant plak!!

jeem said...

yep,i did missed the hugely important part.that part boleh meraih simpati patient tu.hehe.all the best dear!

Anonymous said...

oh dear,we r in the same boat,final yr is distressssssssssssssssssssing!
ouh ya.btw im aina..we r in the same boat la..

bf seafarer+final yr medic.hehe
n sorry i sign is as anonymous sbb guna laptop adik ni,malas nk sign in.hehe

tk cr,and wish u all the best