Sunday, April 4, 2010



a simple NO would make a HUGE difference.period.

that's the end of the first para,not the entire entry bear with me or shall i say enjoy the rest?=D

weekend's wonderful!grande java chip frappucino with extra shots for this weekend.kidding!i got a better bargain.saw and talk to mr fiance for quite a good few hours over the skype.he's in a chirpy mood(thank you mr cole and mr drogba) and i on the other hand was too mesmerized to talk as awful lot as before once i saw his face.gosh, how i wished that moment lasts's only 2 months and he looks slightly thinner if the webcam didn't lie..i left him with only 2 hours of sleep last night and this morning he skipped bfast break and use the remnants of the coverage to spend time with me while the tanker slowly was a bit challenging for him  to keep up with time and worrying about the bars of coverage that flactuate  so often over time while talking.everything has to be done's funny when he quickly stood up and pull the curtain aside in hoping for more coverage in his room when the bar went down so rapidly.and how fast he called me back when we were disconnected impressed me further.i did have palpitations everytime i couldn't hear his voice again and the screen went blank.thank god it only lasted a few seconds.

and tonight i have the same kind of feelings as when we first started as a couple.the prominent one is the feeling when my heart jumped after seing him again.the rush,the time constraint.and the feeling of appreciation of one's small gestures and acts are definately what i remember most too.masa tgok dia bgun buka curtain sedikit for better coverage,wrinkles in his forehead when the line buat hal,muka dia sedih bila i cakap i rindu dia, semua buat hati i tersentuh.

malam ini terharu sampai nak nangis.

offnote:i love seeing you in the t-shirt and p/s:i love you

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