Wednesday, March 31, 2010



just now while studying with aiza,for a split second i thought i was having dejavu.'hey,i was in this situation before,facing her and telling her risk factors of a disease and complications of another'.when thinking back,i've been doing this for years.everytime exam is approaching i would find myself talking to her like this.this is not a dejavu.this is a routine.yearly routine.and because i only do it yearly or half-yearly,it seems so far back in time that i perceived it as a dejavu.3weeks ++still counting.

currently the temp outside is 1 degree celcius.can u believe it?it's already 1st of april and yet the season still refuses to move was even snowing yesterday!i need a warmer!who not only warms my winter,but colors my spring,chills my summer and brighten my autumn... :D

 owh dearie syirspring,where art thou?

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