Monday, March 22, 2010



 i j'dore the style and whatever waves of fashion that currently hit the racks in those shops along o'connell and grafton st.the plated skirts,the lacy tops and straw hats and begs that are being displayed at the moment never failed to slow down my pace of fact i adore the color of this season to the max!i felt happy just by strolling along the shops.chronic nye penyakit nih.huhu. ahhhh..if only i got more money or being the third wife of the royal highness of brunei.(joking!).but life isn't solely about money and new clothes right?

cuma satu je benda i kena dpt dlm masa terdekat.with mei and june coming soon,i would be soooooooo grateful if i can get it a.s.a.p.nak click~click~click and sNap!sNap!sNap! masa jln2 nti and iAllah masa konvo.huuuuuuu............ishk bagaimana ye?(dlm hati kata maybe boleh beli time bila dh kerja nnti je.mmg takde lubang dah nk gali nk beli tu)sobs.

ok lah.stress je pk pasal bukan kebendaan semata-mata.

nite dearies =)

p/s:cik azie,may the force be with you and so do my prayers ;)

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w|cKa` said...

nak jugak menda tu sebijik.. nak click clik snap snap moment2 penting nnt..