Saturday, March 13, 2010



last night out of blue i felt like making pancakes from scratch.i googled the recipe and picked the easiest one.and to tell u the truth,i slept early so that i could get up early and well,make some pancakes for breakfast.i know it's ambitious and so,i had pancakes for brunch and early dinner instead of bfast.and i still have some batter left for tomorrow.what a pancake's day!whoorey!

 one looks like joker's face and apparently all of them appear to be more like roti canai than pancakes.

this is how u enjoy them.nuttella or honey.maple syrup is an alternative too!

i'm having sorethroat with mild temperature.forget the lemsip.i wont take them yet.they taste horrible!

i hope this will reach where it supposed to be just in time when syir arrives.8 years ago i wouldn't imagine myself to love someone this much.not even is not only blind,but it makes me broke too!haha.



w|cKa` said...

serius masa mula2 tgk gmbr ingatkan roti canai.. bila baca rupanya pancake..

xpe.. rupa xpenting.. yg penting sedaaapppp~~

jeem said...

hehe,seb baik rsa dia tk magic tukar jd roti canai pulak.hehe.