Wednesday, March 10, 2010

pain revisited.


i have a joke to tell.but b4 that do understand this first.there are 2 heart sounds in normal healthy people.the first heart sound and the second heart sound.the first heart sound is due to the closure of mitral and tricuspid valves.the second one is due to closure of aortic and pulmonary valves but well they are not this simple.but for now,itu je yg penting.

Dr T******: "Ali,can you tell me what the two heart sounds are?"
Ali:"Lub Dub?!"

extracted from 2009 ucd yearbook

luckily Dr T****** is a neurologist not a cardiologist.i wonder what will happen if he's a cardio.dah kena sekeh kot.hahahah.

neurologist:doktor pakar saraf
cardiologist:doktor pakar jantung

for quite a while i've been looking for this song.i love one republic.i love their songs.i love the front man(ini harus).hehe.

click here for a better quality embed that here gives sore to my eyes.

and i love the masquerade ball.but it reminds me of venice.i never liked venice since the first visit except for the masquerade masks that were on sale everywhere jgn ajak i pi venice tok honeymoon.i tak suka

tomorrow i have a plan to date with available patient(s) in the hospital.

anyone interested?

offnote;i received both sms and email from the land of the rising but still not enough.i'm one hell of a greedy person.blame is never enough.

p/s:i just realized i dislike places that people go for!venice?!i guess the outer space would suit me best;p


aziezainal said...


Love is never enough...


jeem said...


Myra said...

mungkin honeymoon di new zealand~ i tgk gmbr kawan cm cun gila n pelbagai aktiviti!

jeem said...

N.Z mmg cantik!syir tringin nk pi aussie rasanya.ntah2 kat pulau pangkor je.noooo!hahah.