Friday, March 26, 2010

short but swit.

i'm hype.
~today is my last day with the surgical team,ENT(telinga,hidung dan tekak).i was with them for a week.besides the very kind intern,i have this super handsome kacak dan baik senior specialist juga.hish buat dosa je duduk dlm team nie sbb asek nak tgoook je dia cakap masa buat ward round =P kacak sungguh!(sori na mr fiance).lepas ni no more early mornings.hurrey!

~bilik intern on-call macam in wardrobe,katil dan ensuite with toilet and shower.i heard kat malaysia,pengudaraan pun tiada.tiada tingkap and double decker bed.takpe,houseman klau sakit baru bleh cuti.bagus2.onkol sehari,cuti 2-3 hari.owh haven.

~one of my team's patients is dying.she just had massive bleeding from the base of her tongue,due to oral/tongue cancer.i saw her husband walked in and sat down beside her and gave a few pats on her head.emotional btul tgok.huhu.she could be gone forever any time.

~and today is daffodil's day.
Daffodil Day on Friday 26th March is the Irish Cancer Society’s major fundraising day supporting cancer patient care and information services across the country. It’s a day for all of us to come together and pin a daffodil to the nation, giving hope and support to people affected by cancer in Ireland. 

~i hope syir smp jepun esok.

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