Saturday, March 27, 2010



for the first time sumone gave me an award.
thanx a million nanie.u'r such a sweet mother-to-be :D
mesti tak sabar nak jumpa sechomel kan?

so,what do i do now?

Thank the person that gave you the award:
i just did

Pass this award onto 15 blogger you're recently discovered and think are fantastic:
i wanna give it to:
  • cik azie zainal
  • cik ain(tak lama lagi dh puan nie)
  • cik kerry
  • puan ena mazly
  • cik myra
  • cik farah galway
  • puan izan
  • puan yatt
  • cik a'a(hopefully she blogs again after this)
  • puan nurul mommy alya

yeah,that's about it.sikit sungguh list blog kat sebelah tu yer.nt msa blog hopping i nk ketuk2 rumah org.selalu jd silent reader je.actually segan dan agk malu tak bertempat.huhu

state 7things about you:
well,this is the hard avoid bias,i put it this way:
  1. my sister said i'm clumsy.100% agreed!
  2. my mum said i'm full of confidence when talking.erm..55%agreed.not all the time for sure.
  3. syir kata i chummel.haha.nie i tipu.he said i malas argument is sini sejuk ya demam klau mandi lebih dr sekali or 2x.
  4. i love cooking.bila i stress study i masak.bila masak i mkn.bila makan i put on weight.sbb tu tak kurus2.
  5. my bestfriend kai said i'm so girlish that he banned me from buying another pair of converse.syir totally agreed on this!i dunno why they both hate converse.huuu
  6. the whole bunch of my best friends kata i love pink.undeniable.more specific pink pokedots.
  7. kawan smp syurga kata i mcm iman dlm cerita sepi tu.i suka bercakap.i will keep on talking to my bf even if he wasn't listening,i will snap at people like she did in the train but the most important thing that i realized myself is i am a bit like her in lovey-dovey matter.loyal.but be warned,i might be flirty at times.keskeskes.
my one and only pair.dulu buruk,skrg dh cuci nmpak baru.heheh.pic snapped by jay baharin and taken from my previous blog~myILHAM~
hoh,there goes.a lenghty one.igtkan nk tulis pendek2 je.anyway,thanx again nanie.

on another side of the world,syir dh smp nagasaki.heeee....he dropped me a text at 3.45a.m and i was still sleeping.takpe,i bg chance dia jln2 dgn tenang.klau tak mst i kaco dia all the way.hehe.
have a good weekend folks=)


mrs.lune said...

hehehe. thanks! nanti akan masukkan nm jeem dalam my previous entry pasal award. hehe. clumsy?? betol ke soon to be dr jeem ni clumsy? mcm xcaye...hehehehe.

jeem said...

tgh berusaha to get rid of clumsiness tu.sgt tak baik utk persekitaran bila kerja nti kan.huhu.anyway,clumsy sket2 baru chummel.haha.

fAraHnaDiaH said...

ahhh gmah, seriously terharu! :D
I'll do d tagging thing when I'm done with my papers yer - which is this Friday!!

Happy studying and best of luck for the exam dear~