Wednesday, March 3, 2010



i have good news!syir has been onboard for a month already!hohoho!good to know right? :) 5months left and still counting.i just noticed this while fixing the daisypath tickers before midnight just today,he's a month and a day working hard on the ship.syian the moment he must be floating away on south china sea i would say as his tanker just departed from bintulu yesterday.tetiba rasa nak nyanyi "row,row,row ur boat!"hehe.he reminded me last weekend in one of his emails on how fast time flies that he's nearly a month being away from me.i, on the other hand is totally disagree when he used the word'fast' as an adjective sbb saya rasa lamaaaaanyerrrr sebulan baru!huhuh!plus lately our communications has to be limited due to my circumstances as a final year medical student.that's how our relationship is from the beginning.he would leave me alone to study in peace when exam's around the corner.tapikan,saya nie main-main.klau ada curfew on phone calls or chatting mst tak ikut sgt.but when he's sitting his final exam in the UK dulu,mmg he refused to waste his time like calls dr everyday trus cut down once a week saja(best gila dulu call UK-Ireland free!hari-hari bley gayut!).separuh gila jugak la org kat sini.haha.but i know he always concerns and being extra cautious about my studies because as evryone knows,medicine is difficult all around.mungkin juga klau saya sgkut(God forbid laa),lg lambat la ehem-ehem.haha.joking!erm.......................................................i miss him.i guess i have to be patient.another 2 months and i'll b free and he's definately looking forward to that moment too!

and talking about my studies,cuba tgok kat ticker sebelah....hehe.lagi 3 jd 2 bulan++ nk graduate!tp sebelum graduate kena exam dulu.ya Allah,ngeri tau pk nk exam dlm sibuk2 study sempat saya mem'booking'tickets tok berjalan2 masa cuti nti.this time my family will join yours truly.really can't wait.i think all of us will be backpackers soon.mana taknya,i will start jumping airports soon.haha.and jika ada rezeki,i'll be celebrating my silver jubilee buffday this year somewhere else pulak.this is gonna be fun!=D

cheapo ticket-hunting activity nie mmg mengeluarkan byk adrenaline dan menyebabkan saya masih alert w'pun dh 2.30 pg.okies,i need to force myself to sleep.esok nk bgun suboh.hehe.


p/s:korang ada idea tak nk bg apa klau nk anta parcel kat bf/tunang/suami di atas kapal tu?dh kering idea pk.

last year i celebrated my buffday with aiza and Eiffel.this year?we'll see.heee

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