Tuesday, November 30, 2010

introductory entry.


owh dear,i knew this would happen.i was too busy tagging people asses i have no time to even read whatmore write my own blog.well,i'm still breathing fyi.not in repiratory distress to be exact(i was a few days back but let us forget the past,will ya?)hehe.

so how's my new life treating me?erm...it was sucks big time for the past 14 days.i got scolded by my superiors depending on how many times i presented case in clinic.even when i'm writing patients' charts or while walking during rounds  my ears tend to get this nasty way of im-being nice-but-at-the-same-time-i-hate-the-way-u-work kinda of advice.i don't mind being scolded for my mistakes but what pissed me off the most is when there are people who acted like they are damn good in everything just because they mastered the hands-on work after they've been doing the same things for the past erm..a year and a half kot and yet their brain seemed so empty it echoes when u drop a needle in it.come on....if you train a 10 year old kid to do blood takings and branulla settings everyday,i bet that kid can do it with one eye close after a year++ of training.so nothing xtraordinary with that.please la.u are nothing but stupid by being arrogant just because u started earlier than me and managed to finish ward works so effortlessly but when people asked you how to get ABSI(ankle-brachial systolic index) and what the normal level u have to ask people next to you for the answer.u are just plain stupid!if u tak tahu jawab tak mengapa but when u buat2 tahu and pandang org sebelah mata that what makes ur level even lower than my juniors in uni.

ok.enough bitching.i hate being one of the bad guys in movie u know..haha.

i 'm currently still adjusting to my new life to be honest and owh boy,it's so hard in the beginning..but a friend of mine once told me that each day that passes will make things better.i expect no miracle but i really hope what she said is right.

dear God,i depend on you solely to guide me thru and please make me stronger to face whatever challenges that awaits for me in future for my path is still bleak and only on you i put my confidence that one day everything will turn out right and so i will be just fine in my chosen path.

nawaitu lilla hitaa'la.


mrs lune said...

jeem, just hanging there! alah next 1 year or so i bet u'll be better than org2 yang sombong tu. bukan senang nak jadik senang kan?=)

jeem said...

thank you so much for your understanding.i hope lepas2 nie akn mnjdi bertambah senang or at least i boleh sabar dgn org2 begitu rupa.hehe.