Friday, June 19, 2009



bukan,ini bukan jemputan kahwin.betul,tak tipu.

ahaks,gimik.lame.i know.

anyway,on my way home from hospital this afternoon,i bumped into one muslim sister.she came from iraq.very nice and friendly lady she is.from far,she gave me a smile,i just knew it's sincere.she walked by and after a few steps she called,"assalamualaikum sister"sambil merenung dalam muka saya.

"waalaikumasalam.yes,can i help you?"i thought she was gonna ask for direction.

she smiled again."i love your scarf".ahaa,"thanx".i blushed."i got it from malaysia."

actually she was looking for scarf that is colorful and bright thay may suit the current summer season.feeling a bit more caring i offered to buy a few for her but with a condition that she has to wait for another 2 months.we exchanged mobile nmbers so that i can contact her to pass the scarves later on.she seemed very happy and i'm happy too.

owh wait,the story isn't finish story is not to brag about my scarf but there's something new i learnt about my name.i told her i can't promise her about the scarf sbb nti takut lupa,but i'll try my best to bring her a few in 2 months time.then she said,it's ok at least she has made a new friend and while looking at my face she said"u know what ur name means in arabic?"


invitation......patutla kadang-kadang saya rasa kuasa ajakan saya nie terlebih kuat.ajakan baik mahupun jahat semua jalan.haha.semoga saya lebih/akan mengajak kepada kebaikan dari kejahatan.haha.


dear darling,
i couldn't contain my feeling anymore,
i think i fell in love again,
u know i was once in love with him,
but u say u are better,much better,
owh how it took some time to actually succumb to that reality,
but after seeing him again,
with his charisma that never fades
his kindness in saving the human race
and his strength and power bestowed upon him
owh my optimus prime..
so darling dear,
i had to turn my back on you,
i had to tell u this..........
i'm sorry darling,i tgok transformers dulu dari you.

puisi khas untuk incik ichigoku.

5 reasons why u have to watch transformers:
1)more powerful optimus prime and more robots
2)hotter megan fox
3)sinematography mantap and locations mmg cun.petra,jordan mmg magnificient.
4)soundtracks best gila!artists include:linkin park,green day(yes,they are back folks!),the fray,iris and many more!
5)i dah compromised my obs and gynae study time,kenapa tidak anda.heheheh.ajakan jahat nie.muahahah.

opppss...i gotta go.he's mad already.


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