Saturday, June 13, 2009

.paris timelapse.


owh my blog was crying its lung out wanting a new entry to be written.yes..yes...busy is always the inevitable reason for the absence of any post lately.blame my obstetric and gynaecology professor for making life miserable for a while.but well at least i know how to pronounce adnexae and adnexum perfectly and know how to distinguish which one is singular and which one plural after having my head knocked to the white board a few times by him.yes,in this 21st century!

before i rant more,i would like to say million thanx to my housemates,my best buddies here(from the end of parnel sq to reuben st(sila follow route 122),not forgetting all the way from newcastle),and friends seluruh dunia who celebrated my buffday wif's like my childhood dream came all just superb!and yes to you too who dropped 'aku sayang ko' sms to me the other day,i'm truly touched!that one sms enough to make my whole self puffed up with happiness :D(and gave me extra strength to brave he-who-must-not-be-named). how's induction course dear?hope everything went well and u'll be a good doctor,i'm sure.

unfortunately,communication with mr seaman didn't go well for the last 2 weeks that i missed him in btween my holiday and his work trips but i'm hoping to talk to him anytime soon as he's already within maxis and celcom coverage.hurraah!and mum told me there something waiting for me at home.he refused to disclose what is it and i refused to let mum open it for me.u know why la kan.

anyway,it's time for pictures.trip to paris was a spontaneous day aiza was craving for french macaroon and next we were in front of the lappy booking flight tics and looking for hostel.3 days and 2 nights were there goes my special day.joyfully spent!we took early morning flight back to dublin and i arrived just in time before tutorial with he-who-must-not-be-named started.pheewww....

one of the many arches in the city.

river cruising

aiza,in front of cathedral of notre dame

the cathedral on the other side

the side view of the cathedral.took this picture while having a delicious hot nutella crepe and belgian waffle.

where monalisa is

...Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, flow sister...

wif our walking tourguide,sam.

most people found paris as a romantic city for for me,i love walking around the city and feasted my eyes with countless historical buildings and beautiful sculptures around town especially with aiza when she had loads of subject for her photography addiction but it's not a place that i would splurge my money on especially for honeymoon.the eiffel is magnificent and the metro is efficient enough to commute but i think there are other countries that impressed me more.don't be put off by my opinion.maybe if u can tolerate a bit of unfriendly people and uncleanliness of certain places,u'll love paris.

au revoir.

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