Thursday, September 24, 2009

greener on the other side.


just got back from wexford,a small town just two and a half hour from dublin.i'm all tired and worn out but i refused to end my day just yet since i still have lots to catch up doing when i'm back to dublin a while ago.did i miss wexford already?part of me say yes but another part longing for my own bed and super fast internet access in the comfort of my own bedroom.however,loads of new things i've learnt in wexford general hospital.from a very student friendly consultant paediatrician to super snappy registrar,i think i had gained more knowledge in wexford than i was in temple st children hosp in dublin..syukur.and i think i gained weight too.blame the free lunches and delicious indian cuisine as they were the culprits.maybe i need to cut down carb and start eating salads after this?hurmm...

life after all is starting to get better.alhamdullillah.

offnote:last tuesday,when i was tagging along the ward round,my mind flew back to malaysia.hari selasa hari raya ke-3.everyone must have great time celebrating eid.tapi saya rasa macam dah lama sambut hari raya padahal baru hari ahad pergi solat aidilfitri.then i realized,i just had a day of raya before i went down the country to resume my normal routine.what a life.

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