Sunday, September 20, 2009

vanishing sun


there were lots of people at malaysia hall.

there were satay too but i didn't get any.poor us and boO the organizer.

there were 2 people wearing the same baju kurung but with different color.i wished i had my sister's.

there was drum hero besides guitar hero at jay's.but i think i better stick to guitar.

there were delicious yummy beehun soup and moist chocolate cake with our own nasi impit and kuah kacang.i think i couldn't get enough of them.

manchester city lost to united!owh i'm worried.

but hey,chelsea drowned spurs 3-0.a big yeay isn't it?

owh lord,more to say but where art thou?

it's been few frustrating days.

not a hello from the virtual world nor calls from the other side of the world.

its raya and all i want to do is to ask for forgiveness and to wish u a blessed and beautiful eid ul fitr.

i hope all is well.

i really do.

~worried soul

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