Tuesday, September 1, 2009


it's sadden me that the holiday is coming to an end eventually.worse when i'm having super great time fasting and feasting my tummy with malays,indian and chinese delicacies that seriously irresistable.but to tell you the truth,i haven't gone to any bazaar ramadhan yet.ini adalah kejayaan besar okay.i'm truly satisfied with what we had for berbuka so far which was all homecooked!i started to dislike bazar ramadhan since most of the kueh and lauk-pauk weren't as good as they used to be and some were even spoilt or not edible at all.but i do like bazar ramadhan near nilai,N9.they have this super long bazar ramadhan and the foods were marvellous too.it was last year tho.hopefully it stays the same this year.

incik ichigo has reminded me that i only have 4 days left in malaysia.i said 3.i made a mistake by telling him i'll be flying off to dublin on saturday nite but it's actually 5th sept at 0025hrs.so klau ikut bahasa melayu jumaat malam la.haiyark.he's going to anchor at hakata probably on thursday nite and lets hope i'm not on the plane to k.l at that time.

part of me is excited to go back and resume my student life again after such a long break but another part of me dare not to face new challenges in studies as doing paediatric next is far from easy.hurm...whatever it is,i need to prioritize my responsibility and i got to do what i'm suppose to do,aight?

offnote,to hajar,dzariff and liana....thanx for the short and sweet mini-reunion that we had just now.being given the oppurtunity to get to know u all is one of the most wonderful moments in my life.w'pun setelah 12 tahun berlalu,saya still rasa kita adalah kanak-kanak 11 tahun yang suka menyakat dan bertengkar tapi malas membuat homework dan belajar.haha.


w|cKa` said...

walopon cuti lama tp still xdpt dating ek.. sian jeem..

jeem said...

kak izan,
dah jd lumrah alam.sobs.

A'a said...

xper G-mah..ko kena bersemangat nk balik ke Dublin..this is ur final year..aku xsabar nk ucap "Welcome to my club.."..Good Luck and Never Give Up..

jeem said...

aku tak sabaq gila nak msuk club ko.doakan aku ye.=)the nearer i am to the finishing line,the harder.