Thursday, January 28, 2010

thank you,love.


for more than a month i was living on cloud nine.
everything was bright and dandy.
everything was perfect,in our own way.
the laughter and tears i shed were all worth it.
if i were given a chance to choose again or to start anew,i would still go for what i have chosen before.
it's truly priceless.
the moments,the happiness and the real joy,owh boy i couldnt ask for more.

when the reality knocks me hard,i've learnt before not to stumble.
but to remain strong on the base of trust and loyalty.
i know i'll cry.
i know i'll break down.
i'm sure one of those days going to be very tough.
but dear self,keep ur feet tight to the ground as once the ship drop its anchor into the sea floor,you'll fly again to the bluest sky.

credit to azmil

sayu pula tgok gambar ni.just a week after our engagement ceremony.
a lot of things i still haven't done for him and yet he's off sailing again .

saya doa Tuhan lindungi anda.
be back safely.promise me.



w|cKa` said...

dia dah nak belayar ke? cam baru je sign off.. nak naik kapal apa plak kali nih?

jeem said...

yeap,dah off to bintulu.nearly 3 months dh sign off.dia naik aman.