Sunday, February 13, 2011



where were i on the valentine's eve?searching prezzies,having supper and strolling along gurney drive with two of my secondary school besties.instead of celebrating valentine's with our significant other,we decided to just went out and updating bout each other's lives.we talked about how we first we became close and even discussing about our big days which happen to be in the same year.although we short of one,the night was still happening as usual.sometimes i felt so blessed i have them around during good and hard times.bak kata my friend,kita makan pasembur nie together dari belum masuk university sampai sorang ke jepun,ireland,sabah and god knows where lagi sampailah sekarang semua org dah jadi tunang org soon to be husband and wives.the bond we have was so strong even after 6 years abroad i could still talk to them whenever i want to.just ring them,poof!they are in front of me offering their ears to listen and their shoulders just in case i cry in the middle of stories.kawan-kawan yang baik tak akn berkira untuk call u up eventhough u forget to do it first.kawan-kawan yang baik tak akn berkecil hati if u forget their buffdays but will suggest a belated party to meet up.kawan-kawan yang baik will treat your mum the same as theirs.and kawan-kawan yang baik will tell u the truth even it hurts.

God,im very grateful u sent them to me and please bless them for their kindness and sincerity are beyond what i deserved.

my charlie tercrop pulak.huhu.sorry charlie.

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