Friday, February 11, 2011

pre-hols excitement!


before 5
the last oncall was an eventful was AnE call.5 beds in total and they were full not even before 12midnite.out of 5,2 were for toilet and suturing and K-wiring(i have no idea how to do this but eventually partient's finger dapat diselamatkan with the k-wiring :) .so with the help of my bestie,i managed to settled those at 12.and out we went to have a 1am i received a call from paeds ward and another child with fractured tibia/fibula(tulang betis)came in.after full clerking..i sent the child for backslab.everything finished at eyes  could barely be opened anymore and when i went up to my ward to have some sleep i saw one body berbungkus already on the way into coffin.aiyark.what a dgn berat hati i walked in on-call room and i saw my bestie and thought she was in deep slumber already until she said something and was awaken by my entrance.we talked about the patient who was just died and how at 23 he would have the whole future in front of him if he's alive.both of us were disturbed by his death.i thought i have no empathy left in me but i should be glad at least i still retain some even after feeling like zombie with nonstop works for the whole day.

after 5
esok i dah start my much-deserved holidayyyyy.yippeyyy!~so many plans in my mind right now:
!)kemas my's a mess!
@)survey butik pengantins.hehe.
#)lepak starbucks smbil baca mags.

harini i tgh tgu call dr nippon.rindu betul la.

dil to pagal hai.

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