Wednesday, February 9, 2011



before 5(few days ago)
first time i experienced a patient collapsed and eventually died during my doubt it wasn't a pleasant experience afterall but that's medical world,things are unpredictable.a patient could be healthy one day and passed away the next day.ajal,maut dan jodoh di tgn tuhan.

after 5
planning for holiday is never easy but i love doing it simply because i get to travel.if i were not a doctor,i most probably be a tour guide right now jetsetting myself from one country to another telling a bunch of tourists why they should visit this place with me.owh boy what a joyous feeling just imagining it.hoho.but huhu...tomorrow morning i akn terpacak dlm ward reviewing patients.reality hurts.haha.but i i have a good news.....i'm taking holiday to rejuvenate my body and mind going somewhere not-so-far away.

besides planning for holiday,i'm also looking for photographer for my big day.any ideas any photographer that would make my wedding a fairy tale?:p let me know jgn malu-malu okay darlings!


w|cKa` said...

ada my staff kat opis ni wat part time.. nama team diorg khacamata.. cantik jugak gambar2 diorg.. kt fb ada, kat website pon ada.. kontek si firdaus ni.. ckp boss mintak diskaun.. hihi

Cik Cekelat said...

jeemm.... tolon promote blog cekelat aku leh??? huhuhuhu..

Ayna @ Dya said...

hey dear,

try danial zain..he's one superb photographer :)
or candid syndrome :) they're awesome !