Thursday, December 24, 2009



after long winding hours and bumpy rides,i'm safe and sound at home.when the warm gush of wind swept my face,i knew i'm back in penang,the place that i'm always in love with.and now my current favourite word is landing.i dunno how many times i heard this word for the last 3 days.and i think i'm in the worst jetlag ever.feeling like sleeping 24 hours and unfortunately my eyes show.but i'm still amazed how i survived the triple flights,the delays,the snow,the low temperature and whatnots.

the feeling of seeing my brother and my little nephew waiting at the departure gate is beyond words as always.the huge sense of relief is the best feeling ever.and what i got for myself the next day is faboulously beautiful=)

and another favourite moment, not another sandwich or nasik goreng perencah.

i'm supposed to meet mrs lune on wed but she has had a meeting to attend to which is totally understandable considering the last minute plan and such.but i do hope we can meet up someday and maybe with more bloggers as well(such as org tg malim*hint..hint*)hehe.

and i think i couldn't get enough hugs from mak and kakak.what a joy!:)))))

the joy of coming home is synergised by the news of my niece who has done extremely brilliant in her PMR.i think i just found someone who's going to inherite my medical kitabs that i'm glad to get rid of.(meaning tak sabar nk grad and habes belajar la ni.master pikir kemudian=P).i'm so proud of you!

okie dokie,
before i sign off,to my housemate,ms sarah marilyn amin and anyone who celebrate christmas,happy christmas!

dh lama takdak gambar camni.layan je lah eh?heeeee

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