Tuesday, December 1, 2009

time for toblerone.


dublin is in freezing state,again.it started a couple days ago with temperature ranging from -2 in the morning to 2 in the evening.owh come on!it's not even mid december yet!huuuu.as far as i remember,the weather was still tolerable at this time for the past 6 years.however,it is not the same this year.too early even for us to prepare.luckily i'm going home in 3 weeks time,or less?owh didn't i tell you yet?yes,i'm going home for christmas,hohoho.not that i'm celebrating it or anything like that,it's just for the first time i have the opportunity to go back during winter and celebrate new year at home with my loved ones insyaAllah.it's definately a sweet escape from this cold unpredictable weather.heeeeee*big grin*.but on the other hand,i'll miss christmas here and worse,the boxing day!!!!!eventhough boxing day here is not as grand as in the UK,still the massive reductions on pretty much everything is worth the cold and the rainy days.hahah.on another note,the christmas preparations have already started with chrismas songs been playing in the malls and shops and the huge white christmas trees are standing tall near the spire.tapi masuk mall takleh lelama sebab barang2 suma all nicely wrapped as gifts.here comes the sad part for a girl who broke(but still want to shop like crazy)because they are freaking tempting to my naked eyes!!!!huhuh!

anyway,i try my best to save some moolahs as i need them in malaysia for my hols.but a big triangle of toblerone wouldn't hurt aight?=)(toblerones are very cheap during christmas season!)nyum..nyum..


w|cKa` said...

balik lagi? akhirnya dpt jugak berdating.. slalu sorang balik sorang blayaq.. bila sorang cuti, sorang lagi plak dah pegi blajaq..

jeem said...

alhamdulillah.semoga begitu la hendaknya.hehe.