Saturday, December 19, 2009

calling for passengers of malaysia airlines MH001.



i'm smiling from ear to ear now.what else is better than feeling free after exam and counting days to go home?hujan batu di negeri org,hujan emas di negeri sendri.mmg hujan batu indeed!2days ago.i dengaq bunyi hujan yg maha dahsyat dr dlm bilik i.mmg hujan batu pun.and it was snowing the whole day yesterday.isn't it awesome?!perhaps irish will get what they're wishing for,a white christmas.but when it's snowing,we know we need extra piece of clothes underneath the thick-already-warming jacket to fight the cold.but hey,i'm going home to enjoy the warm sunny climate.gorgeous!=)so get ur sunnies ready ms jeem and let's sunbathing!heheh.

anyway,lately mmg i ada author's block.hence the absence of any post for a while.and i was caught up with exams too.and i'm super lazyyyy.

okies.enough for today.i think i need to go's sunny outside and darkness is creeping in soon.i better hurry!


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