Friday, December 4, 2009



:i just missed my flite.and it feels like sh*t.

:my uncle just passed away and the body will be brought to my house for preparations for the funeral to take my beautiful auntie,be strong;at least for your children.they need u the most now.i still remember how all my strength had been swallowed up at the moment i found out that my dad was gone forever and it's from my mother that i gathered some strength (eventhough not much left in hers at that time) that still hold me from falling deeper and deeper with grief.i couldn't talk,i couldn't think and there's no tears's painful.but Allah knows best.for everything that happened,He knows best.

:on a brighter note,i got all weekend to myself.essay to finish up and a pile of laundry waiting to be done.but right now,i'm all cosy and warm underneath the long as i'm still breathing easily,nothing major to complain about and life goes on.

gud nite dublin.


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