Tuesday, August 31, 2010

masih ada.


guess what sleep deprivation has done to me?the predictables,cranky and moody.luckily i'm alone at home and it's ramadhan.dan syir pulak tido.mcm dia tahu-tahu saja.bukan apa,time moody-moody nie memarahi boyfriend/tunang mmg satisfiying menurut kata one of my junior which i coudn't agree more.haha.don't try this at home.

anyway,yesterday i was cleaning my mum's room.changed and washed the bedsheets and pillow cases.the washing part washing machine la yg buat kan.swept the floor and arranged the folded clothes back into the wardrobe.masa nk tukar cadar tu,i terjumpa my late father punya fave kain pelikat.tetiba i wonder what was it doing on the bed around the pillows?owh,mungkin juga somebody needs that to pray...say my brother-in-law or my uncle(s) during any visits and perhaps my mum lupa nk ambil basuh or simpan?tetiba i terfikir,maybe itu pengubat rindu my mum kat my dad?the one she holds when she missed him so badly.klau betul my second guessing tu,i rasa sedih dan terharu.i'm sad because no matter how much i miss syir at times,i tahu akan akn jumpa lagi one day ngan dia.but for mak?huhu.dan terharu sbb i dpt witness cinta sebenar yang org kata cinta smp mati.and she always tells me she dreamt of my dad almost every single day!it's been 2 years and 6 months already.

nti raya pertama i nk ajak kakak pergi jumpa bapak first thing after solat raya.i rindu.

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